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How Our Skydiving School Is Different

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

… Or maybe a better article title would be, how our skydiving school is out-of-this-world awesome! Your first jump is special, but your first solo jump is an incredible skydiving experience. This is why it’s critical to have world-class facilities, highly-experienced instructors, meticulously maintained aircraft, and of course, top-quality skydiving equipment. Are you ready to become a licensed skydiver and are debating where best to get your skydive training? Look no further! 

What Is Skydiving School?

Although attending skydiving school doesn’t require you to be shipped off to a magical platform that only skydivers can visit, it is still a super special experience. Skydiving schools are right at the dropzone – you’ll surely see some students floating around when you come to jump with us! 

A comprehensive breakdown of the logistical side of our school is right on our website; no surprises. There are a few methodologies used to teach the ropes of skydiving: Static Line, Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD), and Accelerated Freefall (AFF). The United States Parachute Association’s AFF curriculum is the most widely respected student training program in the world, and it’s the backbone of our skydiving school.

Q: Do I have to complete a tandem jump before going through AFF? 

A: Nope! By prioritizing student independence at an early stage through our AFF Integrated Student Program (ISP), we’re able to allow students to jump solo on their very first skydive!! However, based on our experience, we highly recommend a tandem jump before sending it solo. Tandem skydiving allows you to get your feet wet before fully committing. Catch our drift? 

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Is Learning How To Skydive Hard? 

Learning how to skydive definitely has its challenges! Skydiving is 90% mental and 10% physical, so if you’ve got the will, we’ve got the way. 

Just like anything in life, becoming a licensed skydiver requires dedication of your time, resources, and a strong desire to learn. While going through the Skydive Orange student program, you’re guaranteed to grow as an individual and come out the other side as a competent, well-rounded, and safety-oriented skydiver.  

What’s So Special About Our Skydiving School? 

Here at Skydive Orange we hold each other to high standards, prioritize community, and foster an environment of safety and learning. Simply put: we’re humbly superior. 


Our instructors make sure students feel comfortable and never rushed in the learning journey they’re embarking on. It’s a given that our instructors are United States Parachute Association (USPA) rated, have thousands of skydives, put safety first, and have hours of freefall time, but what makes them different? 

Skydive Orange instructors are passionate about the sport and about sharing the sense of pure freedom it brings to you! With this teaching philosophy our instructors are intentional about fostering an environment where students feel comfortable enough to say, “Hey, I have no idea what you meant by that,” rather than feeling intimidated and going along with something they aren’t 100% on. We encourage questions and will take whatever amount of time is needed to make sure you are feeling confident in your jump or next steps. Best Time to Skydive | Skydive Orange


We have to take this moment to brag on our staff a bit! Our stellar staff is ready to help you have the best day of your life the second you step foot on our dropzone. You’re guaranteed to be welcomed with a smile. 

We have a full-time S&TA (Safety & Training Advisor) who keeps a watchful eye over the entire skydiving operation and we are fortunate to have multiple Instructor Examiners on our team – in layman’s terms, these are the masterminds of the sport. Ever wondered who graded your instructor when they gained their instructor license? An instructor examiner! We’ve got the best of the best, right here. 

Student Program

We utilize the most in-depth skydiving certification program in the world, AFF. In the beginning, you’ll attend a ground school that lasts six to eight hours and then pass a written exam proving you’re fit to jump from a perfectly good airplane! 

Afterward, you will work your way from two-instructor jumps (where two instructors are on either side of you during the freefall) to single-instructor jumps, to coach jumps, and going completely solo – woop woop! While going through AFF, your instructors will record your jumps and give you a thorough debrief after every single jump, pointing out what you did well and ways you can improve. 


We’ve got you covered with the best of the best – from our turbine aircraft, padded packing floor, and top-notch skydiving rigs, to our comfortable classrooms, clean bathrooms, and huge landing area. 

Our 22-seat Twin Otter is fast, allowing us to send multiple loads a day. This means you won’t be waiting weeks or months while attempting to retain critical information before being able to jump again. 

Our containers, parachutes, and all other gear are inspected every time we pack (after every jump), and by USPA-certified riggers in compliance with USPA’s timeline of reserve repacks – every 180 days. We consistently put more than one set of eyes on our gear to hold it to the highest standard of upkeep and reliability.  

Are you at least 18 years old, have a passion for trying new things, and a desire to fly? Come jump with us! Contact us today to inquire about our next First Jump Course, or sign up online!  


About Whitney Payne

Co-Operations Manager at Skydive Orange - Working with Skydive Orange for 10+ years - Previously positions held: Office manager, manifest, guest services, social media manager, she does it all! “If you told be 10 years ago I’d be co-managing a skydiving facility and loving every minute of it, I would have laughed in your face. I am not an adrenaline junkie, not spontaneous and definitely not a thrill-seeker but I love these people. Skydivers are truly a different breed of people and I am forever thankful for them accepting me into their community. Watching people visit Skydive Orange to face fears, celebrate milestones or just jump out of a perfectly good airplane has been truly life changing for me and helped be become the person I am today.” – Whitney Payne

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